First Impressions: Asura’s Wrath


When all you have left is hate...

So I’ve been playing Capcom’s new title Asura’s Wrath and have enjoyed it so far. The game comes at you in an anime like presentation peppered with gameplay segments and quicktime events. The segments range in the from of the different styles such as God of War inspired QTE’s, Sin and Punishment style on rails shooting segments, and third-person brawler segments. Asura’s Wrath feels more like a over the top anime in style of Gurren Lagann meets Dragon Ball Z, heavy on the action and plenty of absurd over the top “Did he just do that?” moments. I have enjoyed Asura’s Wrath more for the story and action then for the gameplay which feels out of place here because there is so little of it and you find yourself watching more often then playing. The art style and direction taken with the game is beautiful to look at and character design is superb. Clearly Asura’s Wrath is aimed at the anime audience and that’s where I think it’s supporters will come from. I have enjoyed the game thus far and look forward to finishing the game and hopefully some killer DLC as it becomes available. If you are thinking of picking upĀ  Asura’s Wrath, I say it’s worth a checkout or rental but you should definitely play it if you are an anime fan.

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