First Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2

I had almost lost hope for Square Enix, and FFXIII-2 has restored my faith in humanity thus far.  I am an avid J-RPG fan, and I have currently played and completed every FF except for V and VI, with XII being my all time favorite.  For those of you expecting to get questions answered relating to thirteens story, think again. I am 16 hours in, and still thinking that the translation gap from Japanese to English was the biggest downside of both 13 and 13-2.  The battle system is better than ever, the game looks gorgeous, it is no longer a boring linear play through, and the paradigms are now instant-shift.  It’s got a killer sound track, featuring great vocalists like ORIGA, the opening theme vocalist from GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX.   There are plenty of side quests and juicy content for fun re-playability. They fixed everything except the incomplete-feeling story. However, I do see potential so far in where the story is leading, so I will have to wait and find out.  All in all, I am enjoying my play through thus far, but I think Square Enix needs to just wait until they’ve got a truly finished product to release it, versus having regrets and angry fans.



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