Game Review: Asura’s Wrath

Game Review: Asura’s Wrath
Game Name: Asura's Wrath
Platforms: Review from Xbox 360. Available on Xbox 360 and PS3
Publisher(s): Capcom
Developer(s): CyberConnect2
Genre(s): Story driven over the top action
Release Date: Feb 21, 2012
ESRB Rating: T for Teen.

TheOnlyTigger is pretty spot on with the game. God of War like, anime episodic progression, quick time events and a bunch of “…wait, did he?!??WTF…” moments. My first look at the game I was fairly excited. From what I gathered from the trailers, it was a Capcom take on a God of War-ish pissed off protagonist with the Capcom style game play. That being said that can go both ways. I was way off target, but still entertained with the game.

Rolling into the game was enjoyable with world it created. The highly action packed quick time events and cut scenes didn’t fall short, but the parts you don’t play do. There is a lot of story development done with art and storytelling in between episodes of the game. It’s interesting that production team decided an episode/chapter format….In aspect of games:  to develop the story line or break up the flow of the game for supplement the heroic story. In a global marketing ploy: FMV Anime, DLC episodes, cross game marketing, artist contest, action figures, cereal, a board game, a Broadway play and a Macy’s Thanksgiving float. To me, the format was a pitfall. At the beginning I wanted to know the whole story….who he? Who are the other gods? Why is she crying? Why is he so angry? Towards the end of episode 2 I really didn’t care. But a lil protip, if you skip over the scenes…YOU WILL BE FOREVER LOST. At one point he lost all 6 of his arms in a boss battle head butting his way to victory, and the next scene he plowing through meteors falcon punching his way in space…nuff said.

Story – 3.5 outta 5. It had me at Hello, but I didn’t care for its company. If I played for the story, it would have been better. But this being its freshman game, bedtime stories and flashy pictures didn’t hold me.

Mechanically this game is well put together. I didn’t experience any bugs or graphical glitches what so ever. For the “free form” part of game play was fairly simple. Mash on two buttons to attack, fireball was another button, and jump. I thought Capcom would have done better (ala Devil May Cry, God Hand, Viewiful Joe) .Quick time events were pretty simple (if you know the layout of the controller and you know the difference from LEFT and RIGHT). The timing was forgiving and the actions were satisfactory to ever button push. In one QTE, I push my left analog to the left, Asura planted his left leg, then right analog for the right leg, and then both analogs up to raise my hands. It gave me a feeling I was really going to fist bump a god. (This would have been a silly gimmick if they threw this action on the Kinect/PSmove. thank god they didnt)  Tho, if you missed the button it didn’t penalize you, but rather ended up with a bad grade at the end of the chapter. Some button pushes made you do the scene over again, but most…the story kept on going.

Mechanics/game play- 2.5 outta 5– Game stability is SOLID. The game play is rather elementary. I can bang my controller with my head and get though ½ of it. Just don’t let your non gamer fake high school girlfriend do the QTE…you’ll be stuck in the same scene forever with a bad grade.

Overall I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing the game left and right. I would be stupid to say I spent 11 hours and didn’t enjoy it. I just think as a new freshman franchise, it could have been a lot more. There is slated DLC and other stuff for the game that didn’t sway my view of the stand alone game. Get the game if you like anime, one pissed off protagonist, and some over the top scenes. Other than that, weak game play, and a fairly short game didn’t do this justice to keep.

Overall- 3 outta 5 – Enjoyable, not a keeper. It’s like a one night stand to tell your friends. But I wouldn’t call it again. Not even if you saw it lonely in 9.99 used bin.

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