The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale – Beside the Dying Fire


Zombies know how to party

This past Sunday The Walking Dead season finale aired and it lit a fire up under the ass of the shambling second season. Just as the barn was set ablaze, Season 2 came to a burning conclusion. Too bad all of this excitement had to wait until the tail end of the season. This episode marks the most anticipation I have felt for this series since the start of season 2. My thoughts of the series so far: Season 1 was good and season 2 was slow… VERY SLOW. Half a season of searching for a little girl all because she couldn’t sit still during the zombie parade. The second half of season 2 was noticeably more interesting and the finale delivered, leaving me hungry for more. Although I was mostly satisfied with Beside the Dying Fire, I have a good deal of quibbles to go over.


Hershel’s infinite ammo rifle:

It seemed like the guy stood in front of his house for half of the episode unloading rounds into countless zombies. He fires 68 rounds in the episode….. The way the scene was shot, there was a LOT of shooting going on and no reloading. Hell I wouldn’t leave my farm either if I had infinite ammo in my repeater.

NO consequence to the whole “Carl took Daryl’s gun” saga.

I was under the impression it went something like this:

  • Carl takes Daryl’s pistol out of the bike satchel
  • Carl brings the gun to Shane
  • Shane tells Rick about the brat stealing said gun
  • Rick attempts to “parent” Carl about the situation and basically says “Son you stole a man’s gun, went running off alone in the swamps, pissed off a zombie, and got a good man killed. You did good son, keep the gun.”
  • So neither Shane, Carl, Rick, or Lori tell Daryl that his gun was stolen and on top of that Rick has the audacity to gift the gun to his boy without permission from Daryl.
  • I was expecting Daryl to find himself cornered during the zombie invasion and reach for his trusty pistol only to find his pouch had been emptied.
Daryl is a hypocrite.

The man makes strong efforts to kill zombies silently, hence his trademark crossbow. Several characters have voiced their opinions on firing guns, and the consensus seems to be “Loud noises attract teh zombies”. So why does Daryl drive around on a loud ass Harley? Not only that, no one else seems to have voiced any complaints about Daryl keeping the vehicle and endangering the group.

That dumb boy Jimmy didn’t lock the door.

Seriously who roles up in an RV when attempting a stage coach rescue with their doors unlocked? It almost seemed like he left the door cracked open so the zombies could just push through and eat him. I guess you don’t learn street smarts living on a farm.

Rick is an idiot, no wonder his son is too.

Another quibble about the RV “rescue”, Rick and Carl jumped on top of the vehicle. The logical thing to do in that situation would have been to safely ride on the roof until they were clear of walkers. Then they could have climbed down and got in casually once they had escaped. But apparently Jimmy is a mouth breather who died when a zombie tried to push his door open.

Lori, watch your fucking kid.

If you can’t keep track of your one and only son, what are you going to do when the next one comes out? This is the third time your trouble making son has gotten lose from your supervision and caused something to go wrong.

  • First time – He stole a man’s gun, almost got eaten by a zombie, and got Dale killed.
  • Second time – He went sneaking into the barn to talk to the prisoner Randall. Which led to a series of events that led Shane to trying to Rick in a field.
  • Third time – He runs off in the middle of the night looking for daddy and Shane with the knowledge that Randall has escaped and supposedly has a gun
Teenage angst during the Zombie Wars.

Carl is going through his “rebellious tween years” during the zombie apocalypse, what a brilliant child. The kid needs to shut up and listen to the adults. Rick needs to have a good chat with his boy that goes something like this: “Carl, if you don’t stop sneaking off and disobeying me, I’m gonna have to put you down son.”

Getting careless during a time of alert.

Patricia got surprise ambushed by a walker during a full scale zombie invasion. She should have been alert enough to watch her surroundings, her death was derpish. Know your surrounding when running from walkers woman! Hershel almost became a victim of the same shit, fortunately Rick was standing right behind him to blow away the zombie at point blank range and take whatever sense of hearing Hershel had left with it.

Lori is a bitch.

Lori’s overreaction to Shane’s demise is border line comical. She was the one who told Shane to leave the group a few weeks ago. Even after their friendly afternoon chat where she decided he was ok to have around after all, you would think she would be relieved that

A) Rick was able to protect himself from Shane’s murder plot.
B) The baby daddy drama would be gone. Instead she rages at Rick like he’s some insensitive prick.

Women are bitches.

The women on this show…. Their only role seems to be – Cause trouble for the group, do something irrational, and create drama. AND THEN – SHE SHOWS UP!




Quibbles aside, it was a satisfying finale. The reveal of the Prison and Michonne are nice teasers to hype up season 3. Overall I’m hoping the writers learned their lesson from the inadequacies of season 2. You can’t allow your characters to spend half a season searching for a child in the woods. You can only watch so many hours of Daryl walking through the woods trying to track Sophia.

Overall I just got a strong sense that since season 2 had more episodes than the first, they had to spread the budget a little thin and shoot episodes that required very little action / zombie scenes. Sometimes these “budgetary constraints” became so apparent that I assumed they didn’t have enough money to pay the minor characters for speaking parts. There were a good stretch of episodes where T-Dog maybe had one or two lines of dialog. Patricia and Jimmy were probably students of the Milford School where they “should neither be seen nor heard”.

So here’s to a decent conclusion to the second season and high hopes for a thrilling season 3.


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