I heard about the game a couple weeks ago and was a little worried about it since it was said to be a “point and click” game, which in really don’t like playing but I decided to check the demo out on Xbox live. It reminds me of Heavy Rain with zombies and it’s actually pretty good. The game is out for PS3, 360, PC and Mac is 400 MSP or $5 on PSN and is going to be released in chapters monthly. It takes place a few days after the outbreak and you play the role of Lee, a guy on his way to jail for a crime he may or may not have committed, and due to certain turn of events, has to find out what’s going on while taking care of an abandoned little girl in the process. During the first playable chapter, you run into Hershel and Glenn before the “zombie infested barn” and before Glenn’s current group. Also, the decisions you make are follow you and people remember things you’ve done and/or said, so I see a good amount of replay for this game. Graphics are semi cel shaded, reminiscent of the Sly Cooper series giving it a comic book feel. So far I’m really enjoying it and would recommend downloading the demo if you aren’t sure of dropping the money or points on it.

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