The Ending of the Mass Effect trilogy is determined tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the big day, Bioware is releasing the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut ending. Casey Hudson would say vaguely “we are giving the fans some closure”. In a recent video interview with BioWare Community Manager Jessica Merizan; Hudson and lead writer Mac Walters answer a few guided questions that seemingly attempt to pacify the controversy and vaguely describe what we can expect from the extended cut.

Several months ago, I went on a rant about the extended cut press release. In that rant I theorized what they could possibly add that would correct the ending without changing the cliche Space Magic of the Star Child or the forced grim endings presented in 3 different colors. It turns out, my opinion has not changed much. I am not optimistic in the slightest regarding this extended cut. These are MY PREDICTIONS of what we can expect to see tomorrow:

  • Additional cut scenes of our war assets doing battle on the field, but I would argue they were such a large focus of the narrative that they should have been present on the disc to begin with.
  • Various shots of space ships going “PEW” and other ships going “WOPAHH!!!!”.
  • A scene depicting all of our companions making it out of the HOT ZONE onto the Normandy and a reason for Joker getting the fuck out of dodge.
  • Perhaps a small scene on the utopian nature world with surviving members interacting with each other. Bioware has made comments frequently that “no one starves”, so perhaps a well spelled out dialog between the crew saying “OH LOOK, WE HAS FOOD ON THIS PLANET, LET US EAT AND LIVE”
  • A scene of Shepard burning up during re-entry into Earth’s orbit. Nose diving into the pavement, then taking a breath like he is still alive. (the destroy reaper option AKA Red ending)
  • A scene or 2 involving the races who were stranded in the Sol system, perhaps Admiral Hackett standing in front of the various leadership figures saying “Hey Guys, we’re all stuck here with a scorched Earth, but luckily we have enough resources and food for us all to live happily ever after! HAZAHHH”
  • A scene of the said stranded races saying “We found SCIENCE amongst the Reaper tech, we can rebuild the Mass Relays” As they then turn to the camera UN-candidly and a subliminal message flashes across the screen for a split second that says BUY OUR DLC.

Tomorrow will be the final straw for MANY Mass Effect fans. This controversy has kicked up such a huge shit storm, that the results of this extended cut may very well be the deciding factor in whether millions of gamers ever trust Bioware again. I am a huge fan of the Mass Effect series. The first 2 games were amazing and it was my most anticipated series of this current generation. Mass Effect 3 was EXCELLENT until the very last 15 minutes, when the writing took a plummet and just about ruined the series.

It would be like following your favorite sports team during a phenomenal season. The team goes undefeated all the way to the final championship game. They play the first half of the championship with such amazing grace and dignity. Then Half time hits, they go into their locker rooms and emerge naked screaming “FUCK HE FANS” and proceed to throw the game. They run into the stands and start brawling with the fans. All of the hard work and accomplishments are wiped away by a horrible undignified end.

I hope I am wrong. I hope tomorrow will mark the return of Bioware’s creative genius. I hope the Mass Effect series will be brilliantly and consistently concluded.

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