EVENT: MLG Dallas 2012, The difference of a player and Pro Gamer

Let the games begins!

Over thousands of people have come to attend, compete and win at MLG. MLG, for people who are playing the home games, stands for Major League Gaming. Some individuals have dubbed this event as the “World Series, Super Bowl, World Cup (or what ever sport you like) of video games”. The line up of games changes often and this 2012 winter season consisted of a number of well-known games and some unreleased. I went to this spectacle because I wanted to see the big time players, teams, victories and very salty losses.

Starcraft gone pro

The ticket price for spectators was 30 bucks. But if you wanted to compete, the price per entry varied from 50 dollars and up.  Either way it was well worth the price.  Paid entries to compete were League of Legends (LoL), Halo 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT2), Mortal Kombat (MK9, the latest iteration of the game), and Starcraft 2. Other games were there to make an appearance in free tournaments: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale,FarCry 3, God of War Accession Multiplayer, Shootmania, Mortal Kombat vita, Need For Speed Most Wanted, and much more.  Booths like Full Sail University, Dr Pepper, Plantetside 2, Sony Mobile, BenQ, and Sandisc, were giving away or had attendees competing to win swag of their product. You can even purchase MLG certified, mice-pads, mice, fully customization controllers, arcade sticks and parts too!

Free-To-Play Tekken Tag 2

To give you a layout of the Dallas Convention Center, it was divided in sections. In my head  I will try to describe the layout going from center, right, far right, center, far center, and left layout. The pictures below display the arenas and spots were everything was.  As you enter the doors the Dr Pepper booth was there to greet you with a soft drink and games to play (Halo, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur and Starcraft 2 free play stations). To the right was the Halo arena with a huge projection screen and isles of Xbox 360s. Crowds lined up to watch their favorite players destroy rivals or view public disgraces. Next to Halo and further into the hall (right side center-ish) was League of Legends.  Lanes of computers networked for no lag and team communication. Teams all around played head to head against their rivals somewhere in that pit. Ascending further down into the hall was the theater of League of legends. Two teams isolated in sound proof boxes facing the crowd as the in-game play was viewable via a projector screen above.  From behind the DrPepper booth to the back center wall was all Starcraft 2 center.  Computers with overhead display screens and grand theater could be found in the back. The grand theater consisted of four indvidual sound proof booths and three major projection screens over head to display the action. To the left of Starcraft 2 area was the fighting game arena.  Tekken Tag 2, Mortal Kombat and Playstation All-Stars shared the game floor and theater (depending on the schedule).  I sat in for a decent amount of Tekken Tag and I’m fairly happy to say I didn’t sign up to compete….  I would have been destroyed. Coming up the left side wall were all demos and small time swag tournaments. (Took second in the MK vita tourny!  Played against a high-ranking tourney player, jerk.)

Got to try the demo for God of War Multi-player

Fortunately, I was able to play God of War Accension multiplayer, (gold version of) Playstation All-Stars, Need for Speed Most Wanted and FarCry 3. I am totally excited for the release of God Of War and All-Stars. Over all I had a blast watching spectacular competition, trying new games, getting cool swag and getting the itch to compete next time around.  I also got to chitchat it up with the Devs of God Of War, the ladies from FragDolls, some Tekken players and Shootmania reps. I would highly recommend going to this event even if you’re an aspiring league game player or like watching your favorite game go PRO as a sport (like the plot of The Wizard with Fred Savage).

PS-Watch the finals of Tekken Tag Tournament 2…representing Ultness and TheNinjaverse! GET BETTER!

Representing Ultness and Ninjaverse with a Fragdoll


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