THAT’S ULT – EPISODE 008: Duo Hosting With Glitches

Now we’ll admit, we aren’t the first group of inter web explorers who have bitched and moaned about how some video games aren’t perfect.  Everyone likes to think of themselves as being objective and professional when it comes to critique, but lets face it.  Eventually we all devolve into whining chimps flinging internet poo when our character starts falling through the BLOODY MAP!  Whether it be horrible controls, mechanics, recurring glitches, or questionable game design, we all get a throbbing vain pulsing on our temple when any game ruins our immersion.  So we decided to remove our mask of internet anonymity and share with you some of our worst gaming moments.  There will be plenty of frustration, laughter and face palming to go around this time.

Questionable video game designs and glitches discussion panel:
Jordan Wade
Rasheed “Rawsheezy”
Mike “Roninphan”
Kelley “KelleyCK”

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