THAT’S ULT – EPISODE 009: Prepare for the spring title wave

Remember all the bitching and moaning we did when news broke that several 2012 fall games titles being delayed till next year?  Well, prepare for the 2013  onslaught that will deplete your piggy bank.  Providing the world doesn’t end today of course.  With heavy hitters like God of War: Ascension, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Gears of War: Judgement and many more being slated for the early half of next year, we now weep at thought of game title tsunami that’s about to break on our console rocky shores.  Many sleepless nights are will be had as well as neglected girl friends… or boyfriends, we don’t want to sound sexist in any way.  So go get a second job for funds to place on those preorders, stock up on Mountain Dew: Code Red, and don’t forget, pit stains and B.O. are deal breakers.  No one wants to date a person stewing in their own frustration and perspiration.  Eat, poop, shower and sleep.  IN THAT ORDER!

Early 2013 video games discussion panel:
Bryan “McBallz”
Jordan Wade
Marcus “TheOnlyTigger”
Journel “S3Prototype”

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