Wading Through the Week: Issue 01: PredictionFest 2013!!!!

Welcome to the first ever edition of the cleverly titled blog: “Wading Through the Week.” This is my way of talking about whatever elements of film, television, or video games that cross my mind over the course of the week. Being that I am Editor-in-Chief, I figure that my opinion is most important…oh…it is.

This week is packed with predictions galore and I will be giving you my ever important SKYRIM. MOMENT. OF THE WEEK.

*Not from my gameplay*

Reaction to this year’s Oscar Nominations

I am not ashamed to say that I have looked forward to the Oscars every year since I was in 5th grade. As a youngin’ I always viewed the event as the “Super Bowl of Movies.” I have always been obsessed with canonical lists and naming undisputed champions so the Academy Awards seemed to satiate this need.

As I entered my college years and began to see more films, I realized that the winners chosen by the Academy did not always align with my personal favorites. I initially met this realization with a great sense of disappointment and some self-doubt. Then it finally dawned on me, as is the case with any awards process, there is always going to be a certain level of politics to go along with a heaping dose of subjectivity. The last couple of years have shown how my taste in films doesn’t always match up with that of the Academy.

2013 is different. This year brings some pleasant surprises for me. The two best films I have seen so far, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Silver Linings Playbook, have been nominated for Best Picture along with a slew of other categories. Other films that I enjoyed also received some form of recognition as well. As much as I would like it to be, my opinions are not cannon. But it is nice to see that this year my opinions line up with those who are in greater power.  Because of this, I look forward to this year’s Oscars more than ever.

I have not seen all of the films nominated…yet…but after looking over the nominations, I am inclined to make a few predictions. I will go ahead and list my CURRENT predictions for the “top 6” categories. These are not who I think should win but simply who and what I think will win.

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones –Lincoln (Alternate: Robert De Niro-Silver Linings Playbook)

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway- Les Misérables (Alternate: Jacki Weaver –Silver Linings Playbook)

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis- Lincoln (Alternate: Joaquin Phoenix- The Master)

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence- Silver Linings Playbook (Alternate: Jessica Chastain- Zero Dark Thirty)

Best Director: Steven Spielberg- Lincoln (Alternate: David O. Russell- Silver Linings Playbook)

Best Picture: Silver Linings Playbook (Alternate: Lincoln)

The Oscar invasion begins…

Jordan’s Five Predictions for 2013

Nintendo has their best E3 ever, Microsoft and Sony yawn

There is no doubt that this year is a “do or die” year for Nintendo and their WiiU. The system has stumbled out the gate with a lackluster launch library (if you already owned an HD console that is) and no promising titles on the horizon outside of Pikmin 3. Every year I predict that Nintendo will be best in show only to be disappointed when they refuse to see how important a trade show such as E3 can be for their image. This year HAS to be different. E3 2013 will be Nintendo’s all-out assault to turn the WiiU into a legitimate console. Nintendo will unveil looks at a new Super Mario, a new Zelda, and a brand-new Super Smash Bros. All of this will be enough to cause fanboys (including myself) to breakdown into tears of joy. Unfortunately, the far-off 2014 release dates of Mario and Zelda will be enough for the rest of the gaming population to spend their bucks on Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles later this year.

Courtesy of Nintendo

Grand Theft Auto V will be the final technical marvel of this generation of consoles. Its absurd level of detail and length will draw comparisons to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, though

To say that I am excited about GTAV is a vast understatement. Rockstar’s flagship franchise has always provided some of the most rewarding video game experiences of my existence. GTAV looks like it will yet again push the limitations of game design and storytelling and create another award-winning game narrative.

2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the only title in the 3D GTA’s that I did not finish. The gameplay was so deep and the story was so fleshed out that I eventually reached a certain level of fatigue playing it. It was an awesome game, there was just too much of it. I have a feeling that V will fall into the same trap. It could very well end up being the greatest game of its generation, but few will be able to finish it.

Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Though it may be a disappointing film to fans of the book, World War Z will be in the top 5 highest grossing films of the year

This, I feel, is my ballsiest prediction of the year. It may seem absurd, but hear me out. AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently the highest-rated show on cable television. World War Z stars Brad Pitt in its lead role. I think this could be a perfect storm for World War Z to do impressively well in the box office.

Pitt is not exactly the biggest drawing actor, but he is obviously a known commodity that has never been in a zombie flick before this. The upcoming exciting ending to season 3 of The Walking Dead will cause the general audience to have a zombie fever that will need to be cured. Combined these two conditions will cause this film to be one of the biggest films of the year only possibly trailing Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Again, this is my boldest prediction, but I believe it to be more than possible.

In a year that will see three Marvel-centric films being released, Thor : The Dark World will have the most lasting impression

The first Thor film had only one mission: to introduce the character of Thor to mass audiences in anticipation of the eventual team-up The Avengers. Though it wasn’t a bad film, it is not nearly as memorable as the first Iron Man or The Avengers. Now that the super team has had their first film together in a successful debut, it is time to look ahead to what is next for the Marvel Universe. Yes, Iron Man 3 is also being released this year. But I believe that Thor will be the character most remembered from 2013.

Thor’s follow-up sequel The Dark World is being directed by Games of Thrones vet Alan Taylor. I was excited by his hiring from the get-go as I felt his roots would provide a great creative impulse for franchise. I feel that under Taylor’s direction, The Dark World is going to excite audiences and present a film unlike anything else we have seen from Marvel to this point. This along with the inclusion of important Marvel cameos will make it the best superhero film of the year and will continue to provide proof that Disney and Marvel know what they are doing.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney

 The success of Arrested Development’s return will create the possibility for former shows to find ways to revitalize themselves

It really is amazing that Fox’s Arrested Development wasn’t more successful than it was. I get why it wasn’t, but the fact that the show has created a stable of current stars is testament to how great the show was in its initial run on television. Like many others, I did not catch this show until it reached DVD and even then a friend basically forced me to borrow it to view all of the show’s glory.

It was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.

For years we have been teased with a return of the Bluths only to be constantly disappointed. It stood reason to be skeptical when Netflix finally announced that they would be bringing our favorite dysfunctional family back together for one more run. Alas, it actually went into production and our long wait is nearly over.

This could be just wishful thinking, but I think that Arrested Development will find great success this time around due to the nature of the Netflix format. More people will discover the show and it will be considered quite the successful gamble. I predict that this success will spark the desire in video-streaming services to breathe life into dormant series. This is not an unprecedented trend with Fox bringing back Family Guy and Comedy Central bringing back Futurama, but I believe that death on live television will not necessarily be a permanent death for a few lucky series.

They’re almost back…

Skyrim Moment of the Week

As I exited the cave upon completion of the final Thieves Guild story arc, I was immediately ambushed by two Sabre Cats. Though this sort of event is not uncommon in Skyrim, what was unexpected was that when I turned around and looked back to where I came from, there was a dead horse lying on the path. I did not kill a horse, and the Sabre Cats did not kill a horse.

This begs the question: if a horse falls from the sky in the world of Skyrim and no one is there to see it, does it still make a noise? Apparently not.  HI-YO!!! (Yes, the awfulness of that joke was intended.)

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