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That’s Ult – Episode 012: 2012 Year End Round Up « Ultness

That’s Ult – Episode 012: 2012 Year End Round Up

Another year has come and gone filled with mind-blowing blockbusters; challenging interactive entertainment; and edge of your seat, face-melting shows.  So before we look forward to the next 356 days, the Ultness crew decides to look back and discuss some of their most memorable movies, games and television shows.  See what theatrical release captured Jordan Wade’s heart and imagination.  Delve into the mind of Alex “BossNessMonster” as he reveals the game that made him nearly shed a tear (street-cred decreasing).  Mike “Roninphan” gets agro recounting his most irritating playthrough of Darksiders II.  Our residential Canadian Ginger Twihard gets weak in the knees during the season finale of Game of Thrones.  Plenty of laughs will be had during this reminiscing episode as the panel also divulges its guilty pleasures of 2012.

Find out who has a secret love of vampire shows!  Ir’s not the obvious choice.

2012 Year End Round Up panel:

Jordan Wade
Alex “BossNessMonster”
Kelley CK
Mike “Roninphan”

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