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Like many, I have a great fondness for the “Caped Crusader.”  Whats not to like?  He’s dark, mysterious, a genius, a brilliant tactician and has all the cool toys that money can buy.  But the most astonishing thing about this particular superhero is his lack of super powers.  With sheer will and a cunning mind, Batman has defeated many whom would have outright obliterated any other human being out of existence.  Just take into consideration the insurmountable odds stacked against him in the DC Universe.  The man has endured decades of physical combat training, but it pales in comparison to Wonder Woman’s (who is an immortal Amazon that has trained over millennia on a secluded island), yet he can still go toe to toe with her.  He’s even trained with Tibetan monks in order to obscure his thoughts from psychic readings.  Batman’s skill set doesn’t just border but grapple swings over the line of absurdity and that’s why I think many of us adore the Dark Knight.

Mind you, I haven’t read every Batman issue that has ever hit the comic racks.  There are just way too many to read.  With all due respect and fondness towards Christopher Nolan’s vision, I have always personally believed the animated narrative to be the best adaptation of the true ideal of Batman.  Lets face it, I was also part of the generation that had Kevin Conroy’s voice as Batman, imprinted into our brain (Sorry, Bale’s voice pales in comparison).  Therefore, I will simply restrict this countdown list to the Dark Knight’s animated appearances.  Whether it be the 90’s Batman The Animated Series (1992) or the recently direct to Bluray/DVD releases Batman: The Dark Knight Return Part I & II (2012-2013).

Done with little to no effort.

Honorable Mentions:  The No Look Back Fist

Made famous by Tim Burton’s adaptation of Batman (1989), the “No Look Back Fist” was probably originally conceived because actor Michael Keaton couldn’t turn his head or make any sudden full body movements due to the restricting rubber batsuit.  It turns out the work around became of the Bat’s most iconic signature moves.  Incidentally, the swift attack displayed the crime fighter’s impeccable reflexes, speed, and awareness of his surroundings.  Plus, it just looks cool.  The singular motion gave a brief glimpse into the Dark Knight’s martial arts history.  You know a person is battle hardened when they’re able to take down enemies with minor efforts using “No Look Back Fist”.

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