THAT’S ULT – EPISODE 013: Rockn’ The Limp Wrist Gun

The classic debate of “Eastern vs Western RPGs” takes center stage on this episode of That’s Ult.  With Wade/McBallz championing Western’s and Rawsheezy/Misfitgurl in Eastern’s corner, this opinionated topic gets heated.  Will you side with Bryan McBallz’s hatred of orphaned wide eyed protagonist children OR will Kristina Misfitgurl’s love for androgynous cosplay sway you to the East?  Rasheed Rawsheezy calls out Western RPGs for not having memorable characters with personality.  Do you agree?  View the episode and leave comments to let us know which side that you fall in.  Also, find out why no one gives a F*CK about Jacob Taylor from Mass Effect 3 (2013)?

Jacob Taylor (Mass Effect 3) is Forever Alone

Eastern vs Western RPG’s Discussion panel:

Jordan Wade
Bryan “McBallz”
Rasheed “Rawsheezy”
Kristina “Misfitgurl”

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