Unlimited Pancakes Episode 001: Halftime! NBA Midseason Review

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Recorded: February 8th, 2013

In today’s podcast we will grade the 3-way trade involving Memphis, Detroit and Toronto, review the first half of the 2012-2013 NBA season, and give our outlook on the second half and the playoff push. Don’t miss out and get yer fill of Unlimited Pancakes.

What is Unlimited Pancakes?

This is a basketball podcast composed of a few guys who just love watching NBA basketball. We grew up loving the sport and over the years have watched and argued about everything that has gone on in the NBA universe. We see ourselves as analysts of the game and although we may not have all the answers, we feel that our views and opinions are those that can be enjoyed by all. What we say can be argued and debated, but we hope to bring you a fresh look on the issues in an entertaining fashion.

Why Unlimited Pancakes?

How we got to this name I’ll never truly know, but in a way I’m glad we ended up with this one. The gang was just chilling, arguing names for the podcast, and debating if there should be a tax on products with the letter “Q”, when we suddenly got hungry. Elliot “EpicPleasure” had his eye on the All You Can Eat Pancake deal at IHOP so we agreed to go. When we arrived Elliot discovered that he was too late and the deal was no longer available. The pain he felt when he heard this news broke his heart… HA! This wasn’t the first time he had missed out on the deal. Watching it slip through his fingers once again was too much for his hungry stomach to bear. So, we decided to call our show “Unlimited Pancakes.” The moral of the story boys and girls: don’t be like Elliot and miss out on a scrumptious plate of Unlimited Pancakes.

Fernando Ramirez aka “MasterChef”
Derek He aka “Dr.DeWreck”
Elliot Nwosu aka “EpicPleasure”
Jonathan Leung aka “Balls to the Wall”

Podcast Breakdown
00:00 Introduction
01:00 Memphis Trade Review
10:11 Grading the 1st Half of the Season
33:22 2nd Half Predictions
46:23 Closing Statements

Intro Music: http://machinimasound.com
Song name: The Arcade

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