EXCLUSIVE EVENT COVERAGE: SxSW Gaming 2013 Interactive Drama: Tales Of What’s Ahead

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Courtesy of Telltale Games and That Game Company

Ultness was able to get the EXCLUSIVE coverage of the Interactive Drama discussion panel at South-By-Southwest’s Gaming Expo. The panel consisted of industry leaders discussing what it takes to make a great interactive, engaging, and fascinating story in a video game environment.

Moderator and founder of KillScreenDaily.com, Jamin Warren picks the brains of 2012 Game Of The Year Winner The Walking Dead‘s Dan Connors (CEO/Co-Founder, Telltale Games, Developer of The Walking Dead), writer Gary Whitta (After Earth, The Walking Dead, The Book of Eli), Editorial Director of Skybound Entertainment Sean Mackiewicz (The Walking Dead), and special guest Jenova Chen (Founder of That Game Company) who developed Game Of The Year Winner, Journey (2012).

The panel members give their insightful thoughts on why they believe the interactive narrative can drive a deeper connection to characters compared to other mediums such as film and television. They also discuss what tools they would like to see implemented in the next-gen systems and speculate how they would use them. It all wraps up with an entertaining Q&A that includes a surprise guest appearance.

Panel Members

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