THAT’S ULT – EPISODE 016: That Sh*t’s Still Pop’n

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Every once in a while, a sequel is able to outshine its predecessor.  On this week’s episode, we celebrate the films that have pushed the envelope and surpassed the quality of the original.  The Ultness crew discusses what makes certain sequels special compared to others.  We run the gamut of some obvious choices like Star Wars – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) to the debatable genre switching Aliens (1986).  Then there are the franchises we all wish would go away, but yet, people keep going to the theaters and supporting them.  I’ll say it if no one else will:  Every time you buy a ticket to a Resident Evil movie…


Superior Movie Sequel Discussion Panel:

Bryan “McBallz”
Jordan Wade
Marcus “TheOnlyTigger”
Journel “S3Prototype”

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