Interviews with CRS Cop and Velocity eSports Team at MLG Dallas

Some of the members of the Ultness crew were in attendance at MLG Dallas. Elliot (EpicPleasure) was able to snag an interview with Curse Cop and the Velocity eSports team during Day 2 of the MLG Dallas League of Legends matches. Cop is the AD carry for Team CRS who currently has the highest KDA average in the North American LCS series. Team Curse has been having a strong season and currently rank as the #2 team in the NA LCS series.

Velocity eSports is a North American based organization formed around a professional League of Legends team. Currently, Velocity eSports is positioned as one of the predominant teams in the amateur scene.

  • AD Carry – Maple Street
  • Support – Evaniskus
  • Mid – Prolly LOL
  • Jungle – NK INC
  • Top Lane – CRIS


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