THAT’S ULT – EPISODE 018: 24: The WIld Adventures of Kim Bauer

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HUZZAH!  The triumphant return of Arrested Development is near at hand.  With one of pop-culture’s most influential and under-appreciated shows getting a second breath of life, the Ultness crew thought it would be fun to recommend other series that should return from the grave.  From the critically acclaimed Terriers (Now on Netflix, seriously check it out.) to SyFy’s mismanaged Stargate franchises.  They all deserve so much more than what was offered to them.

Then there’s the other side of the coin.  There are some series that know they should end, but yet, keep enduring until all fondness has faded from the show.  Seth McFarlane, we’re looking at you.

You may agree or disagree with our recommendations.  Everyone has a strong opinion on the subject.  Let us know what shows you hold near and dear to your heart through comments. Your voice should be heard!

"Terriers" Courtesy of FX

“Terriers” Courtesy of FX

Television Series That Need To Return Discussion Panel:

Jordan Wade
Kelley CK
Marcus “TheOnlyTigger”
Bryan “McBallz”

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