Unlimited Pancakes Episode 002: Dork Elvis Doin’ Work

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Recorded Friday, February 22, 2013

Daryl Morey (Dork Elvis) has made amazing trades all year long. Today’s podcast will breakdown the 2013 NBA trade deadline as we look at the major trades that were and were not. Also, we review what’s happened this week (Week 17 2/18-2/24) in the NBA. Finally, the trade for James Harden has us asking: Is Harden worthy of the title superstar? Drop in and get yer fill of Unlimited Pancakes!

Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets by Daryl Morey

Fernando Ramirez aka “MasterChef”
Special Guests:
Jordan Wade, Editor-in-Chef Ultness.com
Travis Anthony, Houston Rockets Fanboy

Podcast Breakdown
00:00- Introduction
00:46- The Weekly Review
17:44- NBA Trade Deadline Review
37:33- James Harden Superstar?
44:16- Closing Statements

Intro Music: http://machinimasound.com
Song name: The Arcade

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