EVENT: Greg Hastings Paintball: Fields of Battle Interview and Viper Paintball Tech Wars Scenario Coverage

A weekend ago, I got to cover a fun recreational event as well as meet a legend in the paintball and video game world. The event? None other than Viper’s annual “Texas Revolution,” a 26 hour scenario game with over 500 players registered – the theme being TECH WARS at TxR Paintball in Cypress, Texas. Scenario Events combine real-time strategy with role-playing and paintball for the ultimate experience. This one featured MechCorps battle pods to also integrate points for play. Because this is a weekend long event, there is also night-play involved for the “Ninja” paintballers.


I had the privilege of interviewing Greg Hastings during this event. Hastings is a pro paintball player and creator of the Greg Hastings Paintball video games. His new game Greg Hastings Paintball: Fields of Battle is available on the App Store, Android Market, and will also be on the OUYA.

During the event, I got to play the field, watch Greg teach a “young gun” how to play, and participate in the epic FINAL BATTLE! Final battle takes place at the end of the weekend, where the two teams of over 300 people get to duke it out for an hour-long territory control filled with smoke grenades, paint grenades, and tons of paintballs flying everywhere! It is definitely not for the weak of heart as you definitely will get hit.

Greg Hastings and Kristina

Check out my weekend adventure with an amazingly fun sport in the video! (Yes, girls can play, too! Sandwiches aren’t my only specialty.) Don’t forget to check out www.txrpaintball.com for field information, as well as www.viperpaintball.com for upcoming scenario event dates and early registration. To see if some badass mech pods are available for play near you, Visit www.MechCorps.com for more info.

Greg Hastings also has his own blog and event footage to watch on www.gregredhastings.com And a special shout out to our friends at www.kazuomedia.com for helping me meet the legend Greg Hastings himself!

Check Out The Trailer For: Greg Hastings Paintball: Fields of Battle

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