THAT’S ULT – EPISODE 019: We Want Justice

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You have a child?  Congratulations, find a baby sitter and leave the brat at home.  Someone updated their Facebook with cute kitten pictures?  We don’t care!  Put your  iPhone away.  You finally understand what’s happening to the main character? Fantastic.  You don’t need to describe it to everyone around.  It seems that certain people are lacking manners and have checked their theater going edict at the ticket booth.  It needs to STAHP and…


Several of the Ultness crew vent their frustrations at the growing decline of movie patrons’ manners.  They share their mind-numbing experiences while attending a movie showing and offer some humorous solutions for enforcement.  You may not agree with our zero-tolerance policy ideas, but you sure will get a kick out of it.  We all paid good money for the movie.  Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the film not just the large gentleman laughing obnoxiously with popcorn falling out of his mouth on to you.

By the way, U.K. you are doing it right.  Several theaters in the U.K. have started using volunteers who dress up like ninjas in full black bodies suits.  Their job?  Silence moviegoers who aren’t mindful of others as they text and talk too loudly.  If they bring this practice stateside and add in the drop-kicking of crying children, I’m sold.  (Just kidding, obviously)

Silent but deadly

Silent but deadly.

Cinema Ninjas ATTACK!

Cinema Ninjas ATTACK!

It’s not just all bad though.  Sometimes a comedic outburst from an audience member during a horrible movie can make the rest of the evening worth it.  The crew recalls some of their most memorable moments at the cinema.  Oh the irony when all the Americans try to migrate to Mexico and were stopped at the border in The Day After Tomorrow (2004).  You’ll get what I mean once you watch the episode.

Best and Worst Moving Going Experience Discussion Panel:

Bryan “McBallz”
Journel “S3Prototype”
Jordan Wade
Alex “BossNessMonster”

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