Unlimited Pancakes Episode 005: NBA Playoffs Week 2 Recap

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Recorded: Thursday May 2, 2013

The calm before the storm. Entering the latest edition of our little podcast, we had a very lackluster round one with a few exceptions. Suddenly, the storm arrived and all the series (Heat and Spurs excluded) became very intriguing.

Celtics and Rockets had people talking historic upsets. The Warriors witnessed a superstar rise and the Nuggets doing everything to prevent them from gaining momentum. “Lob City” was brought down to earth by a pack of hungry Grizzlies. The Pacers-Hawks series gave new meaning to the term “defending home court”. Finally the Bulls, led by the smallest and surprising of heroes, survived a triple-overtime battle with the Nets. All the series entered Game 6 with the possibilities of multiple Game 7s. The Thunder, Warriors, Pacers, and Knicks put an end to that scenario with performances that solidified their place in the second round. Only the Nets-Bulls saw their series enter the “Win or Go Home” game with the Bulls emerging as the victor.

Thunder-Grizzlies. Spurs-Warriors. Heat-Bulls. Knicks-Pacers. Round 2… FIGHT!!!

NBA 2013 bracket 2

NBA Bracket 2.0

Fernando Ramirez aka “MasterChef”
Derek He aka “Dr.DeWreck”
Elliot Nwosu aka “EpicPleasure”
Jonathan Leung aka “Balls to the Wall”

Podcast Breakdown

0:00 Greetings/Intro to Series Breakdowns
1:57 “Too Easy for Spurs and Heat”
3:19 Top Player Performances of Round 1
6:29 Knicks-Celtics Reactions
12:34 Pacers-Hawks Reactions
14:54 Nets-Bulls Reactions
19:55 Warriors-Nuggets Reactions
22:45 Clippers-Grizzlies Reactions
27:44 Rockets-Thunder Reactions
31:57 Heat preferred Round 2 matchup
33:54 Spurs preferred Round 2 matchup
37:04 Knicks preferred Round 2 matchup
39:29 Grizzlies preferred Round 2 matchup
42:00 Closing Statements

Intro Music: http://machinimasound.com
Song name: The Arcade

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