With the explosion of smart phones and tablets arriving on the scene in the past few years, the portable gaming console is facing extinction.  The mobile gaming market has completely been restructured once consumers realize they were able to download a 99¢ app and still have a fully worth while experience.  Is there any room for the 3Ds or Vita to co-exist in this budgeted app market?  Or are they destined to fade away into childhood nostalgia?

Third party support such as; Square Enix, Capcom and Sega, have already jumped on the band wagon and ported their back catalog to these smart devices.  But that doesn’t necessarily spell doom for Nintendo or Sony.  It’s great that you can play Final Fantasy games on your iPhone, but a touch screen doesn’t always work for particular games that require lightning fast inputs.  A tactile button interface can’t be beat when playing the grueling levels of Megaman II (which can be found of the PS Vita and iOS).  Besides, who would rather drain their phone’s battery life while on a playing a flight out of town on business?

On the other side of the coin, you aren’t able to covertly sneak in a quick game of Fruit Ninja on your Vita compared to your iPhone.  There’s just something to be said about being able to pull out your smart phone (which is always with you anyways and acceptable to have in a work environment) and playing a few moments of Angry Birds, then shoving it back in your pocket before your supervisor notices.

playstation vita lbp

For these reasons, it has now becomes a discussion over gamer lifestyles.  Some gamers don’t have commute time to warrant owning a hand-held game device and just prefer to play on the big screen when the return home.  Others have plenty of time to waste while waiting for that connecting flight in Albuquerque.  Of course there are always the exclusives that drive the selling point.  You defiantly won’t be able to play The New Super Mario Bro.s 2 anytime soon on your Galaxy S4.  While on Sony consoles, the capability to start a game on the PS3, wireless transmitting the game save to the Vita, and continue playing on the go; does sound extremely appealing.

On this week’s episode, the Ultness Crew discuss which device they prefer to past their  time on and why they think there is still a viable future for them.  Let us know which you prefer!

The Future of Mobile Gaming Discussion Panel:

Jordan Wade
Bryan “McBallz”
Kristina “MisfitGurl66”
Journel “S3Prototype”

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