Event: Free Comic Book Day at Edwards MarqE

The first Saturday in May marks a couple notable events. The Kentucky Derby and this year the release of Iron Man 3, and “May The Fourth Be With You” among them. Few people are aware of the other event that happily lures pop culture fans into comic book stores on that Saturday. Free Comic Book Day is the one day of the year when comic book publishers will release free issues of their books that feature upcoming storylines, special one-shots, or previews for new comic book franchises. For the past few years Edwards Cinema MarqE has been hosting a Free Comic Book Day event to showcase the new comics and help support a good cause. This year was no different; Bedrock City hosted a table in the lobby along with Stars of Hope, and Space City Con.

Michael Manny, the manager at the cinema who helped bring this celebration into existence, made a call to the Houston cosplaying community through the Comicpalooza Facebook page, asking them to join the festivities in costume to entertain the guests. Many answered and arrived in character to amuse patrons and get pictures taken with them. Many of the people walking into Edwards were unaware of Free Comic Book Day altogether and were surprised by the crowd of superheroes and villains walking around, the Jurassic Park Jeep and a Stark Industries Shelby Cobra.

The First Free Comic Book Day event held at the Edwards MarqE Cinema was in 2007 with the release of SpiderMan 3. Always trying to make the guests’ experience special, Manny and his co-promotional manager set themselves on a mission to connect a lifetime love of comics and movies. The combination culminated into an annual event welcoming people into the cinema to enjoy their movies with a little extra fun thrown in. In years since 2007 they’ve had a few attractions to entertain the public. A Wheel of Fortune soon became part of it, so guests could spin the wheel and win a poster. The wheel of fortune played an important role in this year’s event, helping Stars of Hope support their charities.

Many of the comics showcased for this year’s Free Comic Book Day included a Superman title, Walking Dead, Archie, Avatar: The Last Airbender and perfect for May 4th, a Star Wars comic, and many more. Next year’s event at Edwards MarqE is planned to be bigger and better, with more costumed shenanigans and Free Comic Book Day Fun!

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