The weekend before I had the pleasure of attending the Southwest’s premiere horror convention: Texas Frightmare Weekend. To make room for its growing fanbase of over 10,000 annually, the event was hosted for the first time at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas.

People traveled from all over the country to meet some of their favorite horror film actors, directors, and special effects artists. There were also several panels and film screenings including a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! On top of all that, many fans attended TFW (as it is now lovingly called) for all of the terrifying costumes and vendors selling various collectible items from all your favorite movies and TV shows.

It became very clear the moment that we arrived at the hotel Friday evening that this was going to be a big event! Fans were lined up and down the convention lobby to get an autograph from Machete’s Danny Trejo and The Boondock Saint’s Sean Patrick Flanery. Though Flanery’s Boondock Saints other half, Norman Reedus, was missing, fans were more than ecstatic to meet the rest of The Walking Dead cast in attendance. Even through all of this chaos, I still got to meet a legend, THE Tom Skerritt. While he was there as the actor who starred in such iconic films as Alien and Top Gun, my love for him is because of his role as the dad in Steel Magnolias! I was also lucky enough to get an interview with Glenn Morshower, or as everyone may know him, Agent Pierce from 24. He was kind enough to sit down for a quick chat about his career and newly found love for motivational speaking across the country.

Texas Fightmare Weekend Skinless

Gruesome cosplays at Texas Frightmare Weekend

To say this is just a horror convention is quite an understatement. Texas Frightmare Weekend is arguably one of the largest horror conventions in the nation. They not only host celebrity appearances and horror memorabilia vendors, but also feature the rising talent of many Texas filmmakers in the area. So, check out my horrifying adventure in the video to see all of our exclusive footage! Also, make sure to book your tickets for next year at:


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