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This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Comic-Con Dallas. Growing strong since 1994, the Dallas Comic-Con: Sci-Fi expo hosts Texas’ biggest pop culture event for fans who traveled from all over the world in order to attend. Hosted at the Irving Convention Center this Comic-Con had it all: from huge guest stars like William Shatner (Star Trek), Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphing Power Rangers), and Jaskia Nicole (Firefly), to the biggest comic book artists and writers in the industry.  All who were available for autographs and candid photos with their loyal fans. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Con without cos-players, which there were plenty of, as well as an assortment of vendors selling geek swag.

Accompanying  me was my friend Brandt “SS Brohan” Brooks and we decided to go all out. He donned his long awaited Goku (Dragonball Z) uniform, while I dusted off my old Misty (Pokémon) and Babydoll (Sucker Punch) costumes from Halloweens past. Upon arrival, we were stopped every few feet to pose for photos with fellow attendees and local media photographers.  Being a “cos-player” is a venture into new and unfamiliar territory for me. It was so odd to have strangers ask to take a photo with you, as if you were the actual character themselves.  Even weirder was the fact I just wore my old Halloween costumes while others obviously put so much money and effort into theirs.

We first checked out the vendor floor, which had a plethora of booths where you could purchase comic books, vintage toys, and art featuring all the iconic characters. Brandt and I were on the hunt for anything Carnage and Venom (Spider-Man) related.  He hit the jack pot when he discovered a few vintage toys to add to his collection as well as some comics and really cool artwork from some up-and-coming artists. We then navigated to the 2nd floor which hosted more vendors and included panels/Q&A’s with the featured guests. The main attraction of this floor, though, was the Freebie Room hosted by BigFanBoy. This was a place where badge holders could go pick up movie posters from several different film studios promoting their upcoming blockbusters. The 3rd and  final floor was designated for all the guest stars to sign autographs and take candid photos. I was lucky enough to meet the voice of Batman himself, Kevin Conroy, and Ghostbuster  Ernie Hudson.  Both were gracious enough to take photos with Brandt and I.

Kelley Dallas Comic Con Babydoll
Brandt and I strike a pose as Goku and Babydoll 

Finally, the grand event of the weekend was the Cos-play Red Carpet that was held on Saturday.  It allowed all the cos-players a chance to strut their stuff and show off their detailed costumes to the masses. There were plenty of great costumes like the Iron Patriot (Iron Man 3), Miss Marvel, and even Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) complete with a voice changer and everything! But the most popular costumes of the weekend seemed to be Harley Quinn (Batman) and The Joker (Batman). Most if not all of these were very poorly done which has caused me to take a stance that these costumes should be a banned at con’s across the country.

Having never attended an event like this or the biggest geek-fest in the country Comic-Con San Diego, this was definitely more than I expected. I’d say it was completely worth the price of a weekend pass. Definitely a high recommendation if your in the DFW (Dallas/Fort-Worth) area as I’m already making plans for next year! Make sure to check out all my pictures from Dallas Comic-Con 2013 below.

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