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Now that the dust has settled from Microsoft’s press event, the Ultness crew give their two cents on Xbox One.  E3 is just around the corner and Microsoft wasn’t going to blow their entire load before then and this left room for plenty of speculation.

We have questions that still need to be answered.  With the lack of those answers comes the harsh critiques from the interwebs.  Sure, the system looks nice and the controller now has rumble in its triggers (which we question the need for), but now the bundled Kinect sensor must be plugged in for usage?  You can hear the collective “core-gamer” moans across the internet.  These are just a few of our main concerns.

Early speculation hinted that the Xbox would replace our cable box DVR.  While we did see a live demonstration of The Price Is Right show playing on the device, Journel “S3Prototype” noticed that there was a HDMI input on the specs.  Does this mean that XBox One is merely being used in conjunction with your cable provider device?  Meaning, you would send the HDMI output of your cable box into Xbox One HDMI input and thus bypassing the direct usage of the cable box.  The tech specs also pointed out a non-removable 500GB internal hard drive (Hear’s to hoping it’s a solid state drive).  If this unit does operates as a DVR, how much of the limited space would be allocated for your show recordings?

The lack of specification and contant usage of the word “Premium” had Bryan “McBallz” scratching his head.  In his opinion, the high cost of Xbox Gold membership and lack of free quality content compared to PS+, caused great concern.  Sure they showed off a lot of great features such as Skype, NFL Fantasy Football, and The Halo television series (produced by Steven Spielberg), but are these features accessible right out of the box or do you have to pay the “premium” cost?  This hazy section in the presentation had us up in arms.

Learning from Playstation negative back lash, Microsoft decided to immediately unveil their system right off the bat.  But unlike Sony, they failed to show compelling gameplay.  There were no on-stage game demos in sight.  Just trailers one after the other.  While I’m pretty sure Forza and EA Sports fans got their jollies, the rest of us were feeling a little left out.  But oh, look at how the dog looks in Call of Duty: Ghost.  Though the side by side comparison videos did show the step up in graphic fidelity, none of the videos really blew us away.  CoD: Ghost does look better than it ever did before, but Crysis 3, Watch Dogs and Killzone 4 blows it out of the water.  Activision showed us a new high textured rendered model that looks amazing, but he didn’t blink or have any facial animations.  Granted, it’s early in the “new-gen” development cycle and there is still plenty of room to improve upon.

No backwards compatibility?  PS4 had an excuse considering they had a new architecture without the cell processor.  What’s Microsoft’s excuse?  They claim the same issue, but I would like to know more.  Microsoft also omitted that you must pay to play used games due to the fact that the initial boot-up of any game would be tied to your specific XBox Live account.

The negative backlash has sure hit Microsoft hard considering the stock took a dip while Sony kept climbing as the event unfolded.  However, there is some bit of strategy if you consider the timing of the  press conference so close to E3 and the fact that they got the hardware/tv/entertainment announcements out-of-the-way. This leaves them wide open to just “wow” us in a few weeks.  They have confirmed 15 exclusive titles and perhaps they will take center stage at Xbox’s E3 coverage.  We have our fingers crossed.

Introducing XBox One

Introducing XBox One

Please let us know what you think of the Xbox One reveal and if they sold you on the machine.

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Marcus “TheOnlyTigger”
Cary Gordon
Bryan “McBallz”
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