Comicpalooza Panel: Podcasting 101


We had the opportunity to participate in a panel with The Ninjaverse, Metal Geeks, and The Surly Nerd. Podcasting 101: we try to give tips to aspiring podcasters and give some background on how we got started. Filmed at Comicpalooza 2013. We do veer off track a bit… Enjoy. Also please forgive the audio issues.

The panel members:

  • Bryan McBallz
  • Mike RoninPhan
  • JD S3 Prototype
  • Cary Metal Geek
  • James Smith
  • Tony S.

Moderated by:

  • Dave Kufner

Film Crew:

  • José Vazquez (Camera Op)
  • Fernando Ramirez (Camera Op)
  • Mike Rudd (Camera Op/Data Wrangler)
  • Sacha Ryder (Camera Op)
  • Jacqueline Moreno (PA)
  • Juliano Vazquez (PA)
  • Elliot Nwosu (PA)
  • Kristina “Misfitgurl66” (PA)
  • Guillermo Molina (PA)
  • Marcus Negrete “TheOnlyTigger” (Catering)

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