That’s ULT – Episode 23: Videogame Violence #RTFM

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This is merely the opinions of individuals and their personal feelings on the subject matter.  None of the panel members have conducted any scientific research or have a degree in psychology.  They also do not have children and can only convey their conclusions drawn from personal experience.  Ultness does not condone any acts of violence against any living being.  ONCE MORE, this is just our opinion on the subject matter.

Videogame violence has been a hot button issue due to the past year’s tragedies.  The news and media outlets have once more set their scopes on interactive entertainment as the possible cause for these acts of violence.  But is the barrage warranted or is this just a case of over hyped sensationalism?  The Ultness crew delve in to issue and give their opinion on the difficult subject matter.

Helen Lovejoy


Videogame Violence Discussion Panel:

Mike “Roninphan”
Rasheed “Rawsheezy”
Bryan “McBallz”
Alex “The Bossness Monster”

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