Unlimited Pancakes Episode 006: NBA Playoffs: The Final Four

Unlimited Pancakes Ep006 Page

Recorded: Wednesday May 22, 2013

The Conference Finals have arrived which means we are down to the NBA’s “Final Four”. Listen to the Pancake Crew discuss the second round match ups and upcoming Conference Finals match ups. So tune in and enjoy another hardy episode of Unlimited Pancakes

NBA 2013 bracket 3

The Final Four

Fernando Ramirez aka “MasterChef”
Derek He aka “Dr.DeWreck”
Elliot Nwosu aka “EpicPleasure”
Jonathan Leung aka “Balls to the Wall”

Podcast Breakdown

00:00 Intro/Breakdown
01:30 Heat-Bulls Series Recap
05:52 Pacers-Knicks Series Recap
12:18 Grizzlies-Thunder Series Recap
19:34 Spurs-Warriors Series Recap
23:09 Bulls, Knicks, Thunder, Warriors Future
28:28 Western Conference Preview
34:06 Eastern Conference Preview
39:57 Closing Statements

Intro Music: http://machinimasound.com
Song name: The Arcade

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