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We’ve all heard it before, Star Wars or Star Trek, Simpsons or Family Guy, and Coke or Pepsi?  Everyone has a favorite and their passions run deep for our selective choice.  On this episode, the Ultness crew draw the line in the sand and declare their loyalties for either Marvel or DC Films.

Clearly Marvel had success in recent years and painstakingly mapped out their hero franchises with great care.  Years of planning, shuffling and relocating legal licenses has led to every comic geek’s wet dream.  Who could have thought that The Avengers would get to assemble in our lifetime.  Meanwhile, DC’s animated library has a leg up on some Marvel’s more shameful feature films.  If you’re the one person out there that thinks Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider is a better movie than Justice League: Doom, there’s nothing we can do to help you.  Why is Marvel sitting so pretty in the box office while DC is just now playing catch up.  Does the clear contrast in tone between the two have anything to do with it?  Perhaps Marvel’s more light-hearted and humorous approach compared to DC’s “realistic and gritty” take on their characters has given them an edge.  But then again The Dark Knight’s deep rich story has elevated the mere comic film genre to new heights.

This debate may never reach a final conclusion.  At least you’ll get to enjoy us to tear each other apart on the subject matter.  Let us know what your thoughts are on the comic film debate.

Marvel vs DC

The great battle continues in the box offices.

Marvel vs DC Film Discussion Panel:

Mike “Roninphan”
Fernando “Masterchef”
Sacha “TimelessTraveler”
Cary “Metal Geek”

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