That’s Ult – Episode 026: Guilty Pleasures “Movie Edition”

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This week the Ultness crew are sharing some of their darkest and dirtiest secrets. They are baring a bit of their souls by talking about their guilty pleasures, films that they know are bad but they can’t help but enjoy them. Have you ever liked a film that was shunned by the community at large, but you secretly held your tongue to avoid ridicule? Witness as RoninPhan, Epic Pleasure, Cary Metal Geek, Timeless Traveler, and The BossnessMonster talk about their attraction to these guilty pleasures!

Some of these films have some extreme absurdities that make them entertaining such as Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Family films like Sky High have a childish innocence and happiness to them that bring back nostalgic times of the past. Or maybe even a film about a hobby you once had such as Highschool Musical, because they were “doing it big”.  Whatever reasons you have, they are all acceptable… you can keep telling yourselves that! Contrary to the overwhelming decree of the internet, everyone is entitled to an opinion after all. 

What are some of your guilty pleasure films? Do you have a great defense for a certain movie that everyone hates? Tweet us @ultness or leave a comment.


Video Game Re-Release Discussion Panel:

Mike “RoninPhan”
Elliot “Epic Pleasure”
Cary “Metal Geek”
Sacha “Timeless Traveler”
Alex “The Bossness Monster”

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