That’s Ult – Episode 029: Final Fantasy Retrospective Part 1

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With hits and misses, Square Enix (formally Square) has certainly etched it’s mark in video game history.  Beloved by thousands, their classic titles have withstood the test of time.  But the path hasn’t always been clear for this dynasty.  For what was once the saving grace of a dying company, the Final Fantasy franchise has lost the confidence of their many loyal fans.  But is their still hope on the horizon?  Perhaps the rebranded Final Fantasy XV will help the series regain its crown as the king of the JRPGs.

The Ultness crew invite special guest Arthur “Texas_Size” and Tim “Tmmoh” on the show to discuss their highly regarded and most disappointing of the selections.  We analyze the evolution of the series from 2D sprites to fully animated and voiced new generations.  Why is FFVII so endearing while XIII and it’s sequels are considered blights upon the good name?  While Kristina “Misfitgurl66” holds FFX-2 close to her heart, Arthur “Texas_Size” questions why many haven’t played his coveted classic, FFVI on SNES.  Does Rasheed “Rawsheezy” have a valid point for disliking Thunder God Cid of Final Fantasy: Tactics?  All this and more on episode 029 of That’s Ult. Stay tuned for part II.

"They called him Thundergod Cid."

“They called him Thunder God Cid.”

Final Fantasy Retrospective Part 1 Discussion Panel:

Bryan “McBallz”
Rasheed “Rawsheezy”
Kristina “Misfitgurl66”
Tim “Tmmoh”
Arthur “Texas_Size”

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