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Mike “Roninphan” live streams play Batman: Arkham Origins on launch night.  Check back this Friday at 1:00 AM CST to view the very first hours of gameplay in this new entry of  the Arkham universe.

Batman: Arkham Origins takes place roughly in the second year of the dark knight’s career.  With a kit bash bat suit,  under constructed bat cave and still nothing more than an urban myth to the public, this vigilante still has a lot to learn.  Up until now, he has successfully combated crime families and local street gangs.  Everything changes on Christmas eve when proclaimed Gotham crime lord Black Mask (Roman Sionis) puts a $50 million bounty on his head.  The world’s lead assassin crawling out of the wood work to claim their prize and test their metal against the cape crusader.  Now for the first time he has to contend with highly  skilled foes and “super villains” like: Deathstroke (Slade Wilson), Firefly (Garfield Lynns) and newly redesign Copperhead.  This also marks his first encounter with the Joker, voiced by industry favorite Troy Baker.  It’s sure to be a challenging night for Batman as he bring justice to the streets of Gotham.

The brand new spanking new studio, WB Games Montreal, has taken over the reigns from previous developer Rocksteady in this iteration of the Arkham game universe.  Still operating under the tweaked Unreal Engine of Arkham City, they add their own flavor into the mix.  Not only do we get to see old Gotham, before it’s conversion to Arkham City years later, but we also get to traverse through the high rises of new Gotham.  Instantly doubling the map size of the previous game.  Large enough even to warrant a fast travel system via the batwing.  Even the detective mode has been enhanced.  Through his cowl’s visor connection to the bat computer, Batman can actually recreate, scrub backwards/forwards, and see 3D renditions of the crime scene.  A very cool addition that allows the players to solve pieces of a puzzle.  Best of all is the tried and true combat system of the franchise.  Not only do we get new gadgets to pummel baddies with, but some enemies have martial arts skill like Batman himself.  Therefore, they can counter your attacks as much as you can counter theirs.  This is a welcome a mechanic that not only adds depth to the acclaimed fighting system, but also challenges players who have mastered the previous game’s.

So tuned in this Friday and see how far I’ll get in this new installment of Batman’s crusade in the Arkham Universe.

Batman meets his equal in skill with Slade WIlson aka Deathstroke

Batman meets his equal in skill with Slade WIlson aka Deathstroke

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