That’s Ult – Episode 031: Guilty Pleasures “Videogame Edition”

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We all have them.  It’s the shame we keep hidden and buried in the back of our closets.  No I’m talking about what you’re thinking.  Get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m talking about our guilty pleasure videogames.  From the three inch metal Dance Dance Revolution pad that’s collecting dust to the shamed Tony Hawk’s Underground series, the Ultness crew share some of their deepest darkest interactive entertainment experiences.

Sure there was hope for Silicon Knights’ Too Human, which had a troubled development that spanned nearly ten years and three consoles (Playstation 2, GameCube, Xbox) before it was finally released in 2008.  What was supposed to be an epic trilogy merely fell flat and didn’t deliver upon fan’s expectations.  Marcus “TheOnlyTigger”, though he loved the technological fused take on Norse mythology, he fooled himself into loving the game mechanics in order to complete it.  Of course as mentioned before on previous episodes, Kristina “MisfitGurl66” still holds a warm spot for the poptastic Final Fantasy X-2 in her heart.  With a sprinkle of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales to complete her shameful demise.  Sacha “TimelessTraveler” relives the day she sold her soul for a Barnes and Noble gift card as she belted out lyrics for Singstar Glee (SMH).  Last but not least, JD “S3prototype” admitted anything with the title “Metal Gear” would get his full attention.  Including the card based Metal Gear Acid series.

Prepare your best face palm stance as you learn the horrors of our gaming past.  It’s going to be a ruff bumpy ride! SO…


Videogame Guilty Pleasure Discussion Panel:

JD “S3Prototype”
Sacha “TimelessTraveler”
Kristina “MisfitGurl66”
Marcus “TheOnlyTigger”

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