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Now that we’ve had some time to explore our spanking new consoles, the Ultness crew inform you on what they discovered.  We get into the nitty gritty of what we did and didn’t like on Microsoft and Sony’s new systems.  Tales of triumphs and calamity ensues.

Some of the reported features at their perspective press conferences are there.  But while Microsoft’s Xbox One made a big stink about their Twitch streaming features several months ago, the functionality wasn’t and won’t be active until several updates from now.  Meanwhile Sony’s Playstation 4 quietly made an easy to use, no fuss no muss, Twitch streaming capability right out of the box.  JD “S3Prototype” reports on its seamlessness and how it actually finalized his decision on some gaming purchases. Getting a chance to viewe other gamers having a blast on Need for Speed Rivals made it a no brainer for him. Yet PS4 gives another blow to XBO.

Cary “MSRCast” (The only lucky SOB that was able to afford both systems) explains why the Microsoft’s strategy to have a cable box HDMI input through was intelligent by design.  Since he able to access his cable programing through the XBO, the console has occupied more of his screen time.  The seamless snap future makes it  easy to check up on game scores while you wait for the next multiplayer session to begin.

Undoubtedly the XBO’s launch game catalog swayed Marcus “TheOnlyTigger’s” decision.  The return of an old friend Killer InstinctCall of Duty: Ghost and the non drop frame issues of both games made it hard to resist.  He explains that even though CoDG doesn’t run at 1080p like it’s PS4 counter part, at least on the XBO the 720p runs at a solid 60fps.

Both of the systems had their stand out nifty features as well.  XBO’s Kinect camera is able to distinguish when a player picks up or puts down a controller, therefore waking up from stand by mode and powering down to sleep.  If you by chance already own a PS Vita, not only can you remote play from the hand held to the system, but it can also be used as a second controller.

There is plenty to discover in what is only the dawn of a gaming new era.  Let us know in the comments which side you fall on in this great debate.


The one game I wanted and it got delayed. “Watch Dogs” Ubisoft

Next Gen Console Discussion Panel:

Bryan “McBallz”
Marcus “TheOnlyTigger”
Cary “MSRCast”
JD “S3Prototype”

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