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The Ultness Crew is at it again. On this week, we explore some of their shameful television guilty pleasures.  Sure we all have some, but can you handle the cringe worthy selections that is spewed forth by this cast of misfits?  Find out what series they consider abysmal yet captivating enough to keep their attention.

As usually, Elliot “EpicPleasure” never ceases to amaze us with his selection of awful viewings.  From MTV’s Hard Times of RJ Berger to the surprising Pretty Little Liars, our minds melt as he runs through his list. Cary “Metal Geek” explains why he’s willing to suffer through Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D for what he hopes will be a great pay off. Just like Abed from NBC’s Community, Sacha “TimelessTraveler” was hoping the quickly canceled The Cape would get it’s six seasons and a movie.  We found out that Bryan “McBallz” is totally down with the Downton Abbey. Let see how he justifies his love of the series.

Pretty Little Liars

Really Elliot “EpicPleasure”?

Television Guilty Pleasure Discussion Panel:

Bryan “McBallz”
Sacha “TimelessTraveler”
Elliot “EpicPleasure”
Cary “MetalGeek”

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