Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014

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It’s safe to say that Texas Frightmare 2014 was a huge success. With the seemingly endless guest list, movie screenings, panels, and enormous amount of vendors to shop on the floor, there was something there for everyone.

We arrived at 5pm on Friday to shop around and check out everything Texas Frightmare had to offer before the guests arrived. We saw plenty of cool and interesting film and horror memorabilia as well as an array of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones swag to satisfy any hardcore fan’s needs. We also saw a great amount of people dressed up as their favorite horror icons, ghoulish monsters, and even some fans dressed up as Terminator characters to honor the reunion taking place at Texas Frightmare. It was already shaping up to be a successful weekend and we had only just arrived!

The highlight of our Friday visit had to be meeting Scott Wilson who played Hershel on The Walking Dead as huge fans of the series we were definitely geeking out and he was such a nice guy. We also got to meet Tom Savini who has appeared in tons of horror and action films as well as being an expert on special effects makeup for the horror genre. Once all the festivities and meet-and-greets began to end for the day, it was time to attend the after-party aptly named “Night of the Demons” as the guest of honor was Amelia Kinkade who starred as Angela in the 1988 horror classic. I was not able to attend the after-party last year but I will say that this year did not disappoint. There was a DJ to keep the party going as well as a costume contest where Angela herself picked the winners of the evening. She even joined in on the party and pulled a few of us up on stage to dance with her. There was also a Texas Frightmare photo booth at the party with hats and props so you could take silly photos with your friends. For being just the first day of the convention it was definitely a exciting one.

When we arrived Saturday it was time to meet more of the celebrity guests at the convention. First up was Asami the star of Gun Woman, a Japanese horror film that was actually screening at Texas Frightmare. This wasn’t her first film, though,  as she has made a name for herself starring in several other action and horror films in Japan. Next up was Dee Snider, the lead singer of the metal band Twisted Sister. I was a fan from watching him on all the VH1 shows like I Love the 80’s and 90’s but he has plenty of other projects such as his radio show called “House of Hair” and a new book release titles Shut Up and Give Me the Mic: A Twisted Memoir.

Later on, we followed the voice of the “Crypt Keeper” who periodically made announcements to the crowd and found ourselves in the presence of John Kassir, the voice-over master. He was such a great guy! He was so enthusiastic with his fans even recording voice mails for some of them. We got our pictures with him, but I also recorded a short video of the “Crypt Keeper” in action. We were also able to meet one of the stars of The Terminator, Robert Patrick, who played the villain T-1000 in the sequel. Patrick is also well-known for his parts in such hits as Walk the Line and Gangster Squad, but I knew him instantly as Alcide’s dad from the hit show True Blood.

Our last stop for the weekend was The Blair Witch Project. Three of the main stars were in attendance which was a big deal for my production assistant Bryce Morgan who is a huge fan of the film. Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael C. Williams were all in attendance and were gracious enough to get a picture with us. We were unable to meet George A. Romero, Linda Hamilton and Linda Blair as they had huge lines of fans awaiting for them. But we were fortunately able to snap a photo of Bryce with Linda Blair at her table as The Exorcist is his all-time favorite horror film.

All in all, Texas Frightmare  2014 lived up to its great reputation and provided guests with a memorable experience. Every year the event finds new ways to entertain and excite all of us fans of horror. The only question now is how will they top themselves next May?


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