E3 2014 Check Point Ep01

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Due to technical difficulties yesterday, we are attempting to do Check Point once more.  Apologies on our behalf.  Today’s show will air at 8PM CST tonight.

The premise  of Check point is to be a brief overview of what transpires at E3.  Today’s check point we will go over the “Big Three” (Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo) press conferences.  In case of Nintendo, their Nintendo Direct that aired earlier today.  See what the Ultness crew thought of the exciting new announcements after the major players have laid out all their cards.

Check in tomorrow at 8PM CST June 11th when we’ll run through third party developers such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and much more.

On tonight’s Panel

JD “S3Prototype”
Marcus “TheOnlyTigger”
Cary “MSRCast”

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