Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Trailer 2

Today the second trailer to the controversial TMNT reboot was unleashed upon us.  The new trailer brings on the wub wubs with the sounds of an overly charged dub-step theme.  As with many weary nerds on the internet, I too have reservations about this series being helmed by Producer Michael Bay (Transformers: Age of Extinction) and Director Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of The Titans).  Unlike others, my qualms do not lie with the updated appearance of my green childhood icons.  I actually kinda dig the new designs, minus their gargantuan size and I think it makes sense to give them nostrils and lips.  It’s not the design I would have gone with, but in my opinion their appearance is THE LEAST of my worries so far.

In all truth, I am of the older generation that adored the original animated series of the 80’s and the New Line Film in 1990.  I can’t deny my anguish in the decisions that were made to update the franchise for contemporary audiences.  I’m trying to be objective and not latch onto nostalgia when watching this trailer.  It’s hard to deny, there are just some questionable choices made here.  From the transforming Megatron-esk Shredder design to the commonly witless dialogue  that seems to give off what I can only describe as “rape like” treats on the roof tops with Megan Fox’s April O’Neil.  My colleagues and I could only do a collective face palm once the action dub-step montage began.

Let’s look at the positives here; Will Arnett (Arrested Development) is always fun to watch on-screen. Then no matter how awful the film is, William Fitchner’s (Drive Angry) presence is usually a shining beacon in an otherwise dismal production.  Of course for obvious reasons I don’t think Fitchner is the proper casting choice for Japanese Oroku Saki, I can only assume the Shredder’s cultural origins have been altered for this film.

However, in all this dismay, a friend did point out some truths.  This is a film targeted towards a younger audience with the sole purpose of selling toys and merchandise; so maybe what we see here might appeal to the target demographic.  Perhaps it will surprise us all and turn out to be a critically satisfying adaptation but as of right now, based on what I’ve seen, that’s a far stretch.  I guess it’s too hard to ask for an updated film to honor the original and not rub die-hard “fanboys” the wrong way.

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