Larpe Diem

Larpe Diem


If you like action, comedy, and foam-sword battles, you definitely need to check this movie out.  Larpe Diem is a Kickstarter-funded indie film in development that aims to give an unseen glimpse into the world of LARPing (with an action comedy twist, of course).  On the outside looking in, LARPing may be a silly waste of time. To others, it’s the only reason to get out of bed and live out their dreams. The FKOTB (Fat Kids On The Block) film crew aims to create a world based on a recreational event and blow it out of proportion, much like the film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004).  Let’s hope they get a chance to succeed.


“LARPE DIEM is the story of James, an average young man working at a restaurant. One day, he is invited by his best friend Martin to attend an “underground” LARPing (live action role playing) event. Reluctantly, James decides to attend. At the event, Martin convinces James to fight in one of the foam sword fights. Unknown to everyone, including James, James is a natural. James wins convincingly sending a shockwave through the underground LARPing community. Little does he know is that because of this he has now made enemies from those who run this world.”

To learn more about Larpe Diem and learn of their previous works, checkout their Kickstarter page HERE!

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