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Bloodborne Gameplay Gamescom Trailer « Ultness

Bloodborne Gameplay Gamescom Trailer

We get our first look at one of 2015’s most anticipated titles, Bloodborne – a PS4 exclusive, nonetheless – and if the game is as good as this trailer, there’s a lot to be excited about. Those familiar with the Souls series (Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1 and 2) should be right at home with the style this game is going for. It’s a dark fantasy RPG where the devil is in the details and if you’ll need to learn both your enemies and your environments if you want to get far. While the Souls series is known for its dark tone, Bloodborne seems to go about doing that in a different way than the game’s developers – From Software – have done in years past. In the previous games, we saw more of a dark, medieval setting, whereas now, the setting of Bloodborne comes off as it were inspired by traditional Gothic folklore. New to the traditional Souls-esque gameplay are weapons, but from the looks of the trailer, they seem to be more of an addition in defensive aspects of the game, staggering enemies. Another addition seems to be more fluidity and speed in the movement, which addresses a problem a lot of people have had with From Software’s previous titles.

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