Ult Plays – P.T. (Silent Hills)

You can’t have roamed the wilds of the internet for the past couple of weeks and not have heard about P.T.  Released on PS4 during Germany’s GamesCom, P.T. is the world’s first playable teaser.  An interactive horrifying delight that has set the gaming community on fire.  Produced as a viral marketing tool for the new Silent Hill(s) title, it accomplished something that is rarely seen.  It united gamers world wide and nurtured an online community with a single purpose:  solving the game’s abysmal puzzles in order to get the reveal of a teaser for the new entry into the Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hills. But this is not just another mundane game announcement.  Not after trekking our way through those nightmare fueled halls.  We are soon treated to the fact that legendary game developer Hideo Kojima and master of horror Guillermo Del Toro are collaborating on this title.  Even more nerdgasms are to be had once AMC’s The Walking Dead fan favorite, Norman Reedus, turns out to be the character you’ve been controlling.

Naturally, we at Ultness decided to give the P.T. phenomenon a try.  Kelley CK, being a long time Silent Hill fan, will be in the driver’s seat.  Joining her are Ultness staff and friends; JD S3prototype, Kristina “Misfitgurl66”, Alex “BossDynamite”, Christian, Jackie, and Travis.  With the exception of Michael Pyndus and Michael “Roninphan”, who are behind camera, no one else has seen or played through the teaser.

Unfortunately, even with the aid of the Mikes, we were unable to beat the controversial and final puzzle.  The infamous puzzle that has been plaguing the online community for weeks.  Nevertheless, we had a blast, shed some tears, and scarred our souls playing through P.T.  We hope you can enjoy our terror.

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