Monsters: Dark Continent Trailer

The acclaimed 2008 indie-film Monsters, shot by Godzilla director Gareth Edwards, has a new trailer for its sequel Monsters: Dark Continent. Set 10 years after the events of the first film, which followed a photojournalist in a quarantined Mexico trying to save a girl.  The focus now shifts to a  group of soldiers battling an extended species of the monsters in the middle east. The monsters, as seen in the new trailer, came from samples gathered by a satellite that crashed to Earth prior to both films. Humanity is now trying to deal with the invasive and evolving abominations of this new dominate species.

As fan of the original film, I have optimistic hopes for its sequel. Though disappointed Edwards is no longer directing due to Godzilla and Star Wars projects, the new trailer definitely seems more action packed than its predecessor. This  could be a nice change of pace from Edwards “Spielbergian” approach to  slow reveals.  But I worry that perhaps the action will take on too much precedent from what the original film’s metaphoric premise. Time will tell however. What do you think? Are you excited for a sequel to Monsters? Why or why not? Sound off below.


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