Final Fantasy XV TGS Trailer

With the Tokyo Game Show happening in full force this week, we got a few new trailers for a lot of upcoming games. This one for Final Fantasy XV was revealed yesterday and shows off a lot of promise for a game that fans have waited on for 8 F*@King years. That aside, this trailer does show off a lot of interesting new mechanics like how our protagonist character, Noctis, throws his sword and teleports to it. I’ve also noticed what looks to be more faster-paced gameplay than we’ve seen from games in the series’ past. Chances are we are looking at a realtime battle system which breaks the traditional turn base strategy the series is known for.  Good or bad?  This presentation has an different tone from the previous trailers that we’ve seen before. Shifting towards a more light-hearted, road “trippy” vibe as opposed to the overwhelming sense of urgency from earlier ones.

While what we see here looks promising, keep in mind, the title has gone through development hell. With delays, name changes and now word out of TGS, current game director Tetsuya Nomura has stepped down as Hajime Tabata takes the reigns, he has previously worked on FF: Seven Crisis Core and Final Fantasy Type 0 which was released on PSP.  The downloadable demo is available when you purchase the re-released Final Fantasy Type 0 HD next March 17th on PS4 and Xbox One.


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