Tak3n Trailer

Just when he thought he was out of the game, he is TAKEN back! Sorry, couldn’t resist. The latest installment in the “Liam Neeson is a Badass and who don’t take shit” series has released its first trailer. In Tak3n, Bryan Mills,(Liam Neeson), is framed for the murder of his on and off again wife, Lenore, (Famke Janssen). Now on the run, Bryan must once again depend on his particular set of skills to ensure not only his daughter’s safety, but find the real killers, all while avoiding pursuit by various police and government agencies.

I was surprised by how good this trailer looks. It seems like this is what Taken 2 should have been. I wasn’t a big fan of the last film. Liam Neeson’s all but invincible nature really pulled me out of what made the first film really good. To me, the genius of the first film was while Liam had his particular set of skills, there was still a race against time to find his daughter. This trailer gives me hope that screenwriter and producer, Luc Besson, will bring back that familiar tone.

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