Far Cry 4: Survive Kyrat Trailer

A new trailer for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 is out, and it shows off a bit more of the open world gameplay.  With an extreme close look Pagan Min’s, the main antagonist, character model.  And man is it breath-taking how beautiful Ubi’s Dunia Engine 2 look.  I was into, not only the gameplay and mechanics of Far Cry 3, but the tone of the story that was delivered. From what we see in this trailer, Far Cry 4 seeks to continue to push that further to the edge. The game’s icy fictional setting, the Himalayas of Kyrat, looks to be a major departure from previous game’s tropical island’s location.  However, like in Far Cry 3, we will get transported to mind tripping maps that not only has us battling surreal demonic enemies but our hallucinations as well.  While the world not only looks more expansive, the game looks to take advantage of next-gen counsel’s power and make it more interactive. Let’s just say, there’s no greater feeling than riding an elephant and skewering enemies in your path. Far Cry 4 releases November 18th, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $59.99.

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