Grand Theft Auto 5 First-Person Trailer

We knew that Rockstar was going to re-release Grand Theft Auto 5 ever since it came out. I mean, all the pieces were there: a new console generation approaching, Rockstar being quiet about a PC release, and the game making last-gen systems sound like jet engines whenever you played it (here’s looking at you, The Last of Us). And naturally, when it comes to current gen re-releases, we expect the same game, but prettier. Maybe throw in a little bit of DLC to soften the blow of re-buying the same game, and there you go. Well, Rockstar did exactly what I expected them to do with GTA V on new consoles, but instead of DLC they’ve added a little something different: a first-person mode.

Upon hearing about it, I was skeptical, because I didn’t see a first-person GTA being anything else but a gimmick. Not only that, but I was curious as to how it would look or if you’d even be able to go into first person during the campaign or if it was a GTA Online only thing. But, lo and behold, Rockstar found a way to make it all work and look pretty fresh in the process. And judging from some of the dialogue in the trailer, it looks like you’ll have the ability to go into first person during the game’s main campaign. Not only is this a smart way to get those, such as yours truly, who’ve already beaten the game to become interested in experiencing it from a different perspective, but Rockstar has gotten ahead of the PC modding community. Here’s to hoping they do this with future titles. Grand Theft Auto 5 releases November 18th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $59.99.

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