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Jurassic World Trailer Premiere: Hold on to Your Butts « Ultness

Jurassic World Trailer Premiere: Hold on to Your Butts


Back from extinction, the Jurassic Park franchise returns with Jurassic World. More than 20 years after the park’s inception, Isla Nublar finally opens to the public, realizing John Hammond’s original dream. But, as time has gone on, even dinosaurs can’t keep  the attention of a technological driven generation. Park researchers devise a new plan to bring attendance back up by creating a brand new dinosaur? However, nature “finds a way”, and the new super hybrid escapes.  Now the park is on lock down, as visitors desperately try to escape the island resort turned nightmare.

Growing up a child of the 90s, the very first movie I ever saw was the original Jurassic Park. I can remember being utterly blown away with visual effects, both practical and computer generated.  I also remember  watching the sequel, The Lost World, and really enjoying that, (Mostly for Jeff Goldblum).   But after that, Jurassic Park 3 came out and I was skeptical of the franchise’s survival. This only grew more intense when rumors of Jurassic Park 4 featured dinosaur men.  But now, having seen this trailer, I have some hope that the franchise will see a certain level of resurgence.  If director Colin Trevorrow, as blend that same use of practical and CGI I think we’ll be in good hands. And we definitely need to see plenty of dinosaur chaos. There aren’t enough big budget monster movies in my opinion, so I hope Jurassic World will inspire more. Plus, who doesn’t love dinosaurs. Check out Jurassic World June 12, 2015.


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