Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser!

With over a year in anticipation, and for some decades,  a glimpse at the next chapter in the Star Wars saga has arrived. Little is revealed in the teaser of what the  story is but what we can gather from our mysterious narrator and the title of the film, is that elements of the force are reborn in a new generation of heroes and villains. It only makes sense after Return of the Jedi; the ranks of both Sith and Jedi were virtually extinct.

We  also are given glimpses of how the universe has changed with the new storm trooper look and the evolution of the x-wings and tie-fighters. Not to mention, shots of our new cast with John Boyega as a distraught storm trooper and Daisy Ridley riding a massive speeder. Let’s not forget about our new Sith wandering in the twilight of a forest and his new lightsaber with a cross-guard made of mini lightsabers! All of this is wrapped up nicely with John William’s iconic score over shots of the Millennium Falcon pulling off spectacular aerial maneuvers.

I don’t want to get too excited, but the teaser did a nice job of, well, teasing us. One of the more interesting takeaways from this was that this generation of Star Wars films seems to humanize the Storm Troopers – one of which is played by Boyega (Attack the Block, 24: Live Another Day), which is an interesting approach. Growing up as a Star Wars fan, this teaser does a great job of capturing that epic adventure feel that Star Wars is known for. Abrams is trying to revive the gritty look of the original trilogy by employing the use of practical effects and I am stoked. I only hope that the anticipation only grows as we get closer to release. I commend director J.J. Abrams. You had my curiosity, but now have my attention. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 2015.

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